The Respect project allows schools to receive PHSE lessons for their year 6 classes. These lessons are delivered by Aldershot Town Community coaches who are intensively trained by qualified teachers to deliver the lessons.

During the academic year priority is given to the schools working most closely with the Trust, with the project being delivered to 13 different local schools. In total in excess of 1200 children attended the workshops and the feedback from all the schools, both juniors and teachers, was extremely positive.

Detailed below is what the RESPECT project aims to achieve:

Using sporting examples the respect project aims to:

  • Identify unacceptable behaviour and its affect on others
  • Develop an understanding of respect and how this can be implemented in to Everyday life
  • See situations from other people’s perspective

The learning outcomes of the project are:

  • For children to understand the consequences of their conduct on others and know that certain types of behaviour are wrong
  • Appreciate that their behaviour can affect not just themselves but others at home, school and in the local community
  • Understand that certain behaviour can harm and hurt others

If you would like your school to receive respect lessons please contact the Aldershot Town Community Trust.

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